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Outdoor tables in season

With the warm weather approaching Gelato Dolceria will be adding 24 outdoor seats so you can enjoy your gelato, coffee and desserts. We at Gelato Dolceria want you to feel like it's a night off or maybe a few minutes of stress relief.

Gelato Dolceria's desserts are also in full swing. Chef John Caiola bakes Italian favorites and creates new and exciting ones as well, sea salt filled cream puffs and Nutella eclairs to name a couple. Come and enjoy these rotating desserts while having what we think is the best coffee and espresso around. We only use Lavazza coffee direct from Italy, just voted the number one coffee in the world and only charge one price for any size coffee and offer FREE refills even if you leave and come back in with the same cup.

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Please stop in soon to check us out.

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