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How To Pronounce Italian Food Names... the Correct Way

People have become so accustomed to hearing "metigans" (Anything non-Italian. Often used by Italian Americans. It describes people who try to be Italian, but they just don't get it.) or bad cooks on tv saying these words wrong, it has become acceptable... Sorry, not to me. People like that are total Fugazy. (Fugazy means fake)

I am here to help you pronounce these words correctly. Here is a small list of some of the words that when spoken wrong makes me want to yell MA-DAWN! This is obviously just a joke.

The first few really get me going.

Wrong The Correct Pronunciation

1-Manicotti. (Man-i-cot-i) Man-i-got

2-Ricotta. (Ric-cotta) Ri-got

3-Biscotti (Bis-cotti) Bish-cot

4-Prosciutto (pro-shut-to) Pro-shoot

5-Brushutta (Bru-Shet-a) Bru-shet

6-Calamari (Cal-A-Mari) Cal-a-mod

See a pattern with the words that have the two t's? it's not hard folks, just correct.

7-Cappricola. Gabagool

Capocollo, also known as cappicola, capicollo or capicolla, is a traditional Italian pork cold cut. My favorite hero is Gabagool, sharp provolone and vinegar peppers. If you walk into a store and ask for Gabagool and they don't know what it is, turn around and walk out.

8-Parmesan Parm-è-shon

Some tv personalities that will shall remain nameless just cannot get this right. even Jeffery says it wrong (those barefoot people in a garden will know what I'm talking about).

9-Aioli A-ol

This one is so easy that when heard on tv I just can't believe they do not say it correctly IT'S NOT A-oli, it's so simple.

10-Mozzarella Mutz-a-dell

Still waiting to hear this one said right

11-Soppressada Supra-sod

Must I go into this one

12-Zeppole. Za-pola

Every year when these are made on any show it is pronounced wrong. Say it right or just stop making them, my ears are bleeding. Just go into NY or NJ at any legit Italian street festival and by the time you leave you will understand that most of these words have been mispronounced for years.

These last two get butchered without fail.

13-Struffoli. Stru-vola

Italian honey balls

14-Sfogliatella Sfe-a-dell or Sfoy-a-dell

If you do not know what these two Italian favorites are then you need to do two things right away. 1- hit the Internet and find out. 2-come and see me at Gelato Dolceria and taste mine, we think they are some of the best around. Note: Struffoli is made only for the holidays and they go fast.

15-Cannoli Cannoli

What, did you think that every word was pronounced wrong?

So the next time you are stuck on a word stop by Gelato Dolceria and speak to us, we will help you sound more... you know, Italian. Then when you see some cook on tv or speak to someone who feels they are saying these simple Italian words correctly you can tell them, "Fuhgeddaboudit' you guys are a total Fugazy"... of course this all just a joke.

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